QC Profile



All systems are designed creating a virtual model- confirming interfaces and fits are verifies prior to assembly. Special attention is placed on component location to ensure proper function, maximum serviceability, and reduced operator risk




Rudi over 20 years of experience and component know-how, we carefully weight and select the right raw material and casting method for optimal performance.




During fabrication and assembly, experienced technicians and engineers collaborate to recommend potential improvements to increase serviceability or function. This yieldes superior workmanship and ensures all systems are built to the correct specifications.




Control engineers design control tools to be safe, state of the art, easy to use and long lasting. We can match components to your plant specifications, team will select from leading technology providers, Operator interfaces are programmed with a focus on stable process contro, ease of use and reliability.




The quality inspection department is responsible for the inspection of raw material to semi-finished and final-finished pumps, carrying out full or sampling verification according to the "Incoming Inspection Regulations" through inspection, measurement, observation, and provision of quality certificate documents.

In the inspection process of semi-finished and finished pumps, the quality inspectors strictly follow the "Quality Inspection Procedures" and the requirements of product quality standards to inspect the products.



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